Step 2 – Create a GREAT Profile

No, we’re not posting profile examples because our recommended sites would feature all of you using the same profile information. Rather, we wanted to explain a few profile building rules to follow rigorously.

Rule #1: Your profile pic is HALF the battle

Rule #1 – Most Important Decision Point is Your Picture
As in day-to-day social situations, you have no influence over her decision to choose you. The decision to hookup will always be hers, and hers alone. However, you do have power to put your best foot forward when she ‘scans’ your profile. We can’t stress enough the importance of your profile picture, and any other pictures you post. Her initial decision on whether or not to reply to your first advances is entirely dependent on how good you look in your profile picture, followed on how interesting your remaining pictures are.

The profile picture you choose should not be just of your face. Out of the 100 women we interviewed, 82 said that they eliminate guys that put up pictures of their face only. And they don’t even consider a profile that doesn’t have a picture. They do this because they are screening guys for the purpose of sleeping with them. If you don’t show an indication of body type, you’re out.

To maximize your chances of passing this initial picture screening, you need to post a quality picture, clearly showing your upper body and face. You should be smiling and relaxed. Picture quality is important, so swap your crappy mobile phone camera for a real digital camera and ask a friend to help.

Rule #2: Post GREAT additional pictures of yourself!

Most hookup sites let you post additional pictures of yourself. In general, you should focus on posting pictures of yourself in fun situations. We’ve found that action shots work best. We regularly used action shots in all of our profiles. Playing sports (for us: soccer action shot) or daring activities (for us: skydiving and another one of us holding a freakin’ huge Boa) help in establishing yourself as a fun, spontaneous and daring individual, pushing you to the top of the list of desirable people she’ll consider for a booty call. It also goes without saying that no self-respecting woman will have a one night stand with someone she doesn’t find physically attractive. Keep your body fit and your mind fitter.

Rule #3: Your profile is about HER … not you!

One common mistake guys make is to offer up too much information in their profile. Out of the 100 women we surveyed, a whooping 85% picked these as the top things they look for in a man when assessing hookup potential:

  • Looks: Where the face, biceps and the upper-body build mattered most.
  • Conversational Confidence: When speaking to her, you were playful and avoided standard questions regarding work and such.
  • Humor: You made her laugh a few times.
  • Profile Mystery: She could tell you were honest, but that you were holding back something she wants to know.

Your profile is not about who you are. It’s about whom she wants you to be. To that effect, you need to craft your profile with information that stimulates her mind and pegs you as an exciting person who he would enjoy knowing.

The rules above are to be followed, but applied differently on different sites. If you’re going to flirt on Passion Search, you need to be more tactful in your profile than if you’re on Your audience on those sites is the same, but thinks differently. In general, the more ‘generic’ the hookup site, the more tact & class you must apply to your profile. After you’ve built some comfort, you can go crazy. Hold back initially.

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