The Hookup Plan Introduction

An Introduction To Using The Net To Get Laid

This section is meant for those in need of step by step instructions for hooking up online. If you want to go back to the plan’s homepage, it’s here.

Understanding hookup sites & W/M ratios

Before you read on, there are a few things we need to clarify. In general, booty call (hookup, get laid, etc…) sites require a little more work than regular online dating websites. You’ll notice from our hookup site statistics that the overall ratio of guys to girls is generally higher than ‘regular’ online dating sites, even for hookup sites that made the top of our list. This is due to various mental blocks that women impose on themselves (i.e.: fear of being labelled, judged, called a slut, etc…). While this may seem a disadvantage, it’s not. The flip side is that the women that you do find on hookup sites are very clear with regards to what they’re looking for.

What that means for your sex life

This does NOT mean you can just let go of the reins and be like 99% of guys online. You can’t be too vulgar, you can’t simply say “nice shoes … wanna fuck?” and you ESPECIALLY can’t be like any other regular joe who’s life is boring and lonely.

What we’re saying is that just because you are “on a hookup site”, it does not mean that any woman you meet through these sites will hookup with you – and in no way means that the intent with which they’re on the site with is a replacement for having a fun night with a charming guy.

Hooking up: you’ll need to do some work on your end too!

You must remember at all times that her agreeing to meet you never means you’re guaranteed to get laid. It’s a good first step; but you need to step up to the plate and be that fantasy she wants you to be. And that’s exactly what this is – a fantasy. What you’re bringing to the table is more than your member; you provide a fantasy experience for the women in front of you. ALWAYS remember that you’re dealing with a woman that wants to have a fun, wild and exiting experience.

The realities of trying to get laid online (what your mother never told you about…)

To this extent, there are also some realities you need to understand, which are unfortunately unchangeable:

  • Looks matter. If you’re ugly, you will have a harder time hooking up. Women will never live out their hookup fantasy with someone who doesn’t meet their physical criteria. This is true in real life and online. It sucks, but it won’t change. We do the same with fat girls.
  • If you can’t make her laugh you’ll get nowhere. Part of a fantasy means laughing and letting go. No one wants to talk about their job, their kids or their husband before hooking up with someone.
  • If you have confidence problems, you’ll get nowhere. A woman looking to hook up will do so with someone who can lead without bragging. Leave talk of bank account balances and BNWs at the door. Instead, swap for conversation that stirs excitement and surprise.
  • If you can’t be honest, you’ll get nowhere. In general, women can smell lies at a distance. Things such as posting pictures from when you were sinner / younger / etc, will automatically disqualify you at the first meeting.

With the above said, happy reading and hooking up!

How To Hookup - Step One

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