The Master Plan (a.k.a.: Ultimate BluePrint) For Hooking Up Online: How To Guarantee You Get Laid Pronto, Tonto!

The hookup master plan is a 5-step approach to successfully mastering hooking up and getting laid from booty call sites. While you may think that scoring chicks online simply means you should club ‘em over the head like a baby seal and drag ‘em back to the cave, in reality, it’s a little more complex.

The Hookup Dating Guide … Guaranteed To Help You Get Laid More!

If you follow the advice in the plan below (and listen to our online dating tips videos, you should be able to have 3 dates in the next 3 weeks. If you don’t, get some kleenex – you’ll need it.

Introduction Navigation - Dating Guide

The Easy 5-Step Plan That Will Help You Hookup

After you’ve read the intro, read this 5-step master plan:

How To Hookup - Step One

How To Hookup - Step Two

How To Hookup - Step Three

How To Hookup - Step Four

How To Hookup - Step Five

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