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by Hookup Advisor on November 1, 2010

Reviewer: Tommy
Met Her On: GetItOn

Marisa was one of those chicks that acted tough from the get-go. Each time she talked, it was a question or a challenge. Between questions like “Are you telling me you wouldn’t go skydiving?” and “Seriously, you can’t tell me that men aren’t’ just about sex”, she was hard to crack. I quickly realized this was just a front – she was acting tough because she had been hurt before and was scared to open up to a stranger too quickly. I asked her one question: “Who hurt you so badly that you can’t tell me who you really are?” – and that was it. From then on, she just warmed up and we had a nice date. It’s important to really get to the core of why she’s acting like she is – sometimes it’s just a front to protect herself from the undesirable men.

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