Step 1 – Review & Pick

Picking a good hookup site is the most important first step on the process of getting laid online. There are so many “find women now” scams online that picking the right site is by far the most important thing you’ll do. If you pick the wrong site, you’ll be talking to no one at all

What women go through on ANY dating site …

Throughout your fling adventures, you’ll notice that men outnumber women on every site you’ll be working with. Due to this ratio issue, women constantly get messaged by numerous guys, allowing them to weed out the undesirables quickly and ruthlessly.

Why that’s important …

It’s therefore important to pick a fling site where the ratio works in your favour. We’ve done some of the footwork for you, but you can obviously pick any site that comes highly recommended by any close friend.

Using Free VS. Pay Sites …

In our recommendation section, you’ll find both free and pay “booty call” sites. The most effective ones are (and have always been) the pay sites. Free hookup sites have the unfortunate side effect of attracting a lot of riffraff (one of our reviewers read a study that. Sites like Plenty Of Fish still work, but it’s a lot of effort.

There are a lot of inactive profiles, fake profiles (guys posing as girls), etc… Pay sites such as keep these time-wasting people at bay by showing only active profiles search in results and requiring paid membership for communication privileges. This greatly reduces fake or inaccurate profiles, as a credit card is required to use the service.

You should understand that expediting your time-to-hookup is worth a few dollars a month. There’s value in not having to deal with mind games people play in the regular online dating world (i.e.: I want to fuck you, but if I do now, I’ll feel like a slut, etc…).

So pick one, and pick wisely.

How To Hookup - Step Two

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