Step 5 – Seal the Deal

If you’ve done your assignment correctly, 007, she should be good to go. Did we mention you’re always better of taking a cab with her then driving? It gives you the opportunity to make out with her in the back seat and get her riled-up for the main event.

The beauty of meeting women through fling sites is that there are only two possible outcomes to your date. She’ll either leave mid-date, or you’ll get laid. If you’re into hour #2 at the lounge, you’re golden.

Leaving the lounge … logistical aspects

When leaving, always ask ‘your place or mine’. We’ve seen that single women prefer to go to their place – it’s more comfortable for her; familiar ground. If you’re making out with her in the cab (which you should be), you can move to the bedroom as soon as you’re at her place. If you’re not, pour a drink for both of you and proceed to a ½ make out session. Kiss her a lot.

Leaving the lounge … the ONE exception

There’s one exception to the above paragraph. If you’re on a date and she’s married, either have a hotel room on reservation or volunteer your place. You can always use AirBNB for last minute bookings!

The last tidbit …

The last piece of advice we have for you is that you should make sure you get her number if you both enjoyed the sex, so you can provide repeats.

At this point, we feel that you’ve achieved your goal. Repeat this hookup process many times. Live happily ever after.

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