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by Hookup Advisor on April 20, 2011

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After having simply decent initial success with SS, we’re now having way more success compared to last month. Why? We have NO IDEA. We didn’t change our contact & dating tactics all that much. It’s a great site to start looking for women online. They have a huge USA presence, so American guys will have a definite numbers advantage. The rest of the English speaking world does well too, so I think this one will take a high position in our rankings.

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SexSearch is still great to use, and deserves the amazing praise it’s held in our rankings. The fact that we had an increasing amount of hook-ups from other sites shouldn’t matter, really. We still like because of the absolutely no-nonsense approach this site has to connecting people wanting casual encounters – it’s a solid site for hookups.

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by Hookup Advisor on April 12, 2011 Review

Gentlemen, here is the NEW TOP PERFORMING SITE. When we last reviewed GIO, it was brand new. Since then, it’s gotten some scale and we’ve been very satisfied with the results. We’ve INCREASED our lay ratio by quite a bit, basically propelling it to be our top recommended site.

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Here’s the nitty gritty on GIO. The site has seen a strong increase in membership since we reviewed it (below). Free memberships are obviously limited – but the basic features are pretty good. As a new member, you WILL be bogged down with a questionnaire – an unfortunate step. However – this does ENSURE that you’re dealing with real people – which is always good. Just pick options on the registration page – if you’re out of time – pick positive.

Once logged in, you can pick the ‘best match’ option to find a partner list. We’re not sure how much you can trust this ‘automated’ match – our experience has shown that you need to hunt for real profiles and this option is not really valid.

In a nutshell, the features are:

- Annoying questionnaire (we lived through it! – patience is good – quick selection is KEY)

- Uploading pics (I still can’t believe dating sites flaunt this as a ‘feature’ – still – this site lets you upload high-res pics)

- Search members database, which is good

- Send the equivalent of ‘winks’ (flirts)

- Full audio + video support

- Email and real-time chat

- Build a Hotlist (pretty standard in all sites)

- Block someone / Who’s Online

Anyways – we like – it’s got a good influx of new blood – which is always nice.

Here’s what you can do with the free membership:- TRY IT – nothing worth *really* writing about in detail: profile, view profiles (it’s ok but constrained), basic email, hotlist (limited), bla bla bla – your standard free package.

If you want to have some means of success, you’ll need to get a paid membership (we’re currently out of promo codes – if any come up, we will post them @ the top of this post): pricing - it’s 27$+ depending on how long you sign up for. The longer you pick, the cheaper it gets – also pretty standard in dating.

- NEVER  trust the automated matching – do your own research
- ALWAYS contact women with  profiles that have more than 5 lines in their profile (if not – don’t bother – it’s a TRIAL and they will probably never come back to the site).


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April 11, 2011

Still doing very well in our rankings, AFF continues to provide quality girls. We met some more girls on the site, and had a few more successes on it. If you’re not comfortable going webcam, this is a good site, with a wide range of girls of all ages and walks  of life. The site […]

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June 9, 2011

Not much progress on this site. It’s still ‘OK’ (simply because of our initial experience with it), but it’s in danger of losing its spot in our Top Sites. There’s been a lot more effort put into it, but overall, we’re disappointed of the results . As you can see from the stats below, we […]

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January 9, 2011

Yet another new entrant we’ve spent time reviewing this last month. was proposed to us by one of our reviewers. Not much to say about this site apart from the standard: clean interface, honest billing practices, good ratio of women to men .

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