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by Hookup Advisor on April 10, 2011

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OK – I’m going to say it … this site was pretty damn good! We reviewed based on a recommendation from a female friend of ours back in October. We signed up for thinking it would be a regular ‘vanilla’ dating website. This would have meant that you’d have to go through the standard “I’m a good girl and I want a great guy that’s funny and mask me laugh” crap.

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What we did discover was that it’s actually not quite like that. While quite a few women are looking for a steady relationship from this site – they don’t really seem to mind hooking up while waiting to find ‘the one’.

What we did change on was our approach and profile. Because it’s more of a ‘vanilla’ dating website, you can’t just come out and be as explicit as on others. However – some of the ads we saw of women are more racy than your standard dating website likes This can be both good and bad. Good because it makes it a little easier to find women who are open to a more casual type of dating. It’s bad because those same exact women are flooded with emails from guys exactly because they are open to casual dating.

So we highly recommend you read our guide on how to stand out in such a dating environment. While dating on will still be a numbers game for us men – one thing you can do to dramatically increase your chances of success is to STAND OUT and not be one of those losers that posts one face pic and expects to fuck anything he sends an email to. Like all things, using an advanced dating strategy will help you achieve your goals.

So – here are the newly compiled stats for for your reading pleasure! We hope you have much success with this site! NEW Statistics

Measure Information
Overall Site Rating 8 out of 10
Site Look & Feel Excellent
Guy to Girl Ratio 1 girl to ~2 guys
Initiated Contact With 140 outgoing emails
Replies Received 52 serious replies
Total Resulting Dates 27 dates (distinct women)
Total Resulting Hookups 16 hookups (distinct women)

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