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Helen The Married Chick

by Hookup Advisor on November 1, 2010

Reviewer: Donny
Met Her On: AffairsClub (by XXX Match)

I’ve always been very fond of married women. They don’t pretend to look for love – the just want a quick fantasy before returning to their regular routine. There’s no drama, little demands and your whole commitment basically comes down to footing the bill for a date, which isn’t all that bad. Helen was a girl I had been talking to for a few weeks on XXXMatch’s AffairsClub – the logistics of meeting had been difficult because of her husband, but that week he had gone out of town on business, so she met up ‘for a drink’. She was nice – in that bored-wife kind of way. She’d been married for 4 years and was getting bored with her life – and I was there to give her a little excitement. One thing to remember about married women is that you need to tall to them as if they were single. Never yak about their family life – they have their married friends for that. If you treat a married woman like a single girl and talk about what she WANTS TO BE – her dreams, her desires and the band that ‘makes her feel alive’ you’ll create great rapport very quickly and she’ll become instantly comfortable with you. She was exactly like her pics showed – a mature 31, which meant she kept in shape and took care of herself.

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