Step 4 – Meet & Charm

I want you to repeat after me: The Olive Garden is NOT the right place for a first encounter. We can’t beat charm and charisma into you, but you can avoid the Olive Garden.

What NOT to propose for a first date

When proposing a venue for the first date, make sure it’s not at a restaurant. Also make sure it’s not in the suburbs. Women will tend to shy away from dinner, because it’s a multi-hour long commitment. If thy happen not to like who they’re with, they are stuck there for countless boring hours. Your best bet is to meet her at a casual place where you can talk and where the time commitment is low for both of you.

What we ALWAYS do on a first date! (because … it works!)

We take our women to a lounge, and we ALWAYS set up the time for the date between 7:00 PM and 8:00 PM. We do this because at that time, the lounge is fairly empty, the music isn’t too loud and the couches are comfortable. This gives you a good level of privacy, you can use your best weapon on her (your sly words) and you can get her to relax on a comfy couch instead of a stiff chair. Also, make sure that the place has food to nibble on, in case she’s hungry.

One trick we repeatedly used was to show up at the lounge ½ an hour early, and talk to the waitress. Give her 40$ in-hand and tell her at about ½ an hour into the date, she should come to both of you with a fruity-tasting girly-shot and say this specifically: “This one’s on the house, Mr. XYZ”.

To drink or not to drink …

Don’t get drunk unless she leads the way. Don’t offer her any hard liquor unless she asks for it or it’s ‘on the house’. Do ask her if she wants a little something to eat in case she’s hungry. Do ask how her day went and what was good / bad about it.

Again, you’ll need about 2 to 3 more face-to-face hours to go the full Monty with her. So you need to have INTERESTING CONVERSATION MATERIAL to talk to her about. Light & funny stories work well. Avoid the boring stuff such as work or her major unless she asks first. Even then, transition out of work talk into discussing life. And we can’t stress this enough: MAKE HER LAUGH, MAKE HER LAUGH AND MAKE HER LAUGH.

Now, it’s time to seal the deal.

How To Hookup - Step Five

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