• Congratulations on the completion of the Jingze Key Project! And won the

    Recently, the injection water system project for a DP filling line of a foreign-funded CDMO in Guangzhou, undertaken by Jingze, successfully passed the IOQ completion acceptance. This project is inves

    2023/06/13 24

  • 【 Interview 】 Wang Wei: Helping Accelerate the Development of Biopharmaceuticals

    ■ Culture medium configuration system ■ Culture medium storage system ■ Receiving tank system ■ Upstream process module CIP system ■ Buffer solution configuration system ■ Buffer solution storage tank system ■ Inactivation system ■ Downstream process module CIP system

    2023/06/13 805

  • Wang Wei, General Manager of Shanghai Jingze Clean Equipment Co., Ltd., delivered a speech at the Pharmaceutical Forum

    Shanghai Jingze Clean Equipment Co., Ltd. is committed to providing high-end modular process equipment that meets international cGMP requirements for pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies. Jingze Company was founded by a group of engineers from internationally renowned engineering companies, mainly serving foreign-funded pharmaceutical factories and export-oriented pharmaceutical enterprises. It focuses on the core process projects of Fortune 500 pharmaceutical enterprises, and its business scope mainly includes the design, construction, and confirmation of process liquid dispensing systems (liquid mixing, CIP, SIP, and automation systems) and clean public utilities (purified water, injection water, pure steam, and clean gas). After the strategic cooperation between Shanghai Jingze and internationally renowned modular equipment manufacturers, Jingze Company focuses more on the development direction of emerging biopharmaceuticals and pharmaceutical internationalization.

    2023/06/13 513

  • Our company has won many awards at the Fuge Pharmaceutical engineering International Forum

    Diligently Practicing the Fifteen Year Dream of Building a Strong Pharmaceutical Country TogetherWith the rise of the Chinese pharmaceutical market, the pharmaceutical equipment industry has ushered i

    2023/06/13 919

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