Congratulations on the completion of the Jingze Key Project! And won the

2023-06-13 15:48:59 24


Recently, the injection water system project for a DP filling line of a foreign-funded CDMO in Guangzhou, undertaken by Jingze, successfully passed the IOQ completion acceptance. This project is invested and constructed by a leading international multinational CDMO enterprise, adding a GZB clinical filling line in the existing factory building, mainly engaged in the processing and production of biological agents, and providing a complete supporting system for the customer's raw liquid production line. This project has a short duration and has experienced resource shortages and personnel scheduling difficulties due to the pandemic. However, Shanghai Jingze still wins high recognition from the client team with its excellent technical strength and engineering quality. Jingze's friends overcame numerous difficulties during the epidemic and adhered to the service spirit of customer first, rapid promotion, and quality assurance. They received unanimous recognition from the customer team and were awarded the "Most Active Cooperation Award" by the customer.



In the implementation of the project, Jingze relied on professional experience and team spirit to overcome the difficulties of logistics constraints, personnel scheduling, and supplier lockdown during the epidemic. It also completed the clean utility project in the shortest possible time, providing the most solid guarantee for the customer's process verification and equipment verification. At the same time, our customers have high standards and strict requirements for global technology and verification standards, It has also benefited our team greatly.0a3f49c367bd0af660f3ed48b80c0836.jpg